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Meet Elise,
Your Dating Copilot

"My professional background as a matchmaker and date coach, combined with my personal experiences in the dating world, have inspired me to establish Conscious Connections. 


Whether you're navigating the complexities of finding your forever person, seeking more intentional and meaningful connections, or simply looking for a fresh perspective on relationships, I'm here to help.


I've worked with a diverse range of individuals, providing advice and support to those who are single, seeking companionship, and eager for positive changes in their dating lives. My goal is to help anyone, regardless of their background, orientation, or relationship status, to achieve a more enriching and satisfying love life - and, hopefully, to enjoy the journey along the way."

Elise: Your Dating Copilot

How I Can Help

Action Plan

Action Plan is an excellent fit for those who are ready to commit to making a proactive change in their dating journey. We’ll meet 1:1 weekly (or at your desired pace) for 8 sessions which are designed to cultivate self-awareness, set achievable goals, and discuss tailored dating methods which will get you closer to your ideal relationship.

Dating App Overhaul

A structured 4-week 1:1 coaching program dedicated to refining and optimizing the client’s dating app profile and engagement strategies.

Bespoke Matchmaking

Selective and only available to certain clients.

Serious Inquiries Only.

Dating Copilot

For clients who are not sure where to begin or who simply want an open space to talk and be heard, Dating CoPilot is an unstructured coaching program where clients meet 1:1 at their preferred pace and tailored to their unique dating challenges. 

Newly Out

Our Newly Out coaching program allows clients to explore their sexuality in a safe space where they can openly discuss their feelings with a fellow queer person and cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves. Dating after coming out or as we like to say, "letting in",  may feel like uncharted territory, novel to what you’ve experienced thus far in your romantic, sexual, and relationship history. We’d love to be your trusted companion as you navigate this journey. 

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Tips and Advice from a Professional Cupid

"Working with Elise was a true gift while I navigated dating. Her curiosity made me feel seen and heard, and she always had words of encouragement and deeply insightful guidance to support me throughout the process. With her knowledge as well as her empathy, Elise is who you want by your side as you traverse the dating world and look to find what you truly desire."
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