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Newly Out

1:1 Coaching

Duration: 50 min sessions, schedule customizable (we typically recommend 4 sessions to begin)

Price: $130 per session

*Our services are customizable to your unique needs and budget. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding a tailored coaching package

Our Newly Out coaching program allows clients to explore their gender and sexual identity in a safe space. In this program, clients can openly discuss their feelings with a fellow queer person and cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves. Gender and sexuality often exist on a spectrum, and we’d love to help you find language which feels accurate and authentic to who you are.


Dating after coming out or as we like to say, "letting in", (as discussed in our blog here), may feel like uncharted territory, novel to what you’ve experienced thus far in your romantic, sexual, and relationship history. This can be exciting, but also nerve-wracking. We’d welcome the opportunity to be your trusted companion as you navigate this journey.

Clients who elect this program may need assistance with:

  • Reflecting on their sexual and romantic feelings with open-mindedness and acceptance

  • Dating same-sex or gender nonconforming people for the first time

  • Confidence building 

  • Cultivating a self-image which feels genuine to them

  • Re-defining their ideal match

  • Deciding when and how to come out/"let in" their loved one

  • Building a community of fellow queers 

  • Getting themselves excited about dating and enjoying the process


  • Texting service: Allows unlimited texts in-between sessions for assistance in responding to messages, before/after date prep, etc. ($50/wk)

  • Photography session: I always recommend my clients update their photos alongside our services. ($150/session)

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