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Dating App Comparison Guide

Updated: May 7

One of the most common topics of discussion between me and new clients is which dating app might be best for them. Each app has different features, attracts a different demographic, and attempts to solve for different pain points (i.e. quality of matches, quantity of matches, compatibility, showing personality, etc.). 

Below I’ve listed a variety of apps alongside their pros and cons. While we’ve tried almost every dating app or website out there, these are the ones that we find ourselves going to time and time again.




  • 72% of users are under 35, so an excellent app for people in theirs 20s-30s

  • Emphasis on safety for female daters - women must contact their male matches first in order to open a dialogue

  • Video chat feature available

  • Prompts allow for showing off your personality 

  • Time-sensitive replies create urgency so there’s usually a quick turnaround on matches


  • Women who prefer a more traditional dating style might prefer men reach out first, which isn’t possible on Bumble

  • Limited search features for free accounts

  • Limited daily swipes for free accounts

  • The 24 hour time limit on responding to messages might mean excellent matches are being missed  

TLDR: As one of the biggest dating apps out there, Bumble is rife with opportunity and is especially well-suited to people under 35. It does require a more ‘proactive’ dating approach though, as it has a time limit on message responses.



  • 35% of users are under 18-24, making it one of the most popular apps for Gen Z’ers 

  • Covers a diverse range of dating goals, from casual encounters to long-term relationships, so meets the needs of a wide range of people

  • Tinder Explore is free and allows for access to people who share common interests and hobbies with you

  • No limit on messaging and you’re able to ‘swipe’ on up to 50 profiles within 12 hours, which is higher than some competitors 


  • Known for attracting people who are seeking casual hookups instead of long-term commitments, which might mean you’re meeting people that have different dating goals than you

  • Profiles can sometimes be sparse, as people are allowed to finish their account set-up and begin swiping with minimal information required

  • Users say that physical attraction dominates decision-making on Tinder, due to the lack of detailed prompts and profiles

  • 76% of users live in urban areas, so it’s not typically suited towards those in rural areas

  • Stanford medicine completed a (very small) study on Tinder which suggested that many users were not seeking to meet in-person and over half were in relationships, instead using the app as a form of entertainment 

TLDR: Tinder has worked for many people in finding them their ‘person,’ but it’s not typically associated with marriage and long-term commitment. With Gen Z leading the charge on usage, it’s likely best for younger people who are casually dating without a strict timeline.



  • “The dating app designed to be deleted” - their slogan draws commitment-ready singles to the platform

  • Since it requires 3 prompts be filled in, profiles are typically more informative compared to their competitors

  • Voice memos allow an extra bit of personality to shine through

  • Uses AI and an award-winning algorithm to match, learning from the decisions you make in order to optimize profiles shown


  • Limited number of daily suggested matches unless you upgrade your membership

  • Limited number of ‘likes’ a day 

  • Filter options are very limited on the free version

  • Previously skipped users are sometimes shown again

TLDR: Hinge’s company messaging and ethos suggest that they truly want to optimize the app in order to be as efficient for daters as possible. Voice notes and fun prompts allow for a lot of personality, but some profiles can feel empty of verifiable, important information.

Coffee Meets Bagel


  • The anti-swiping dating app - sends you daily matches instead of swiping to find people, which works well for those who aren’t a fan of the traditional dating app interface

  • Women are only presented with men who both meet their criteria and have already ‘liked’ them

  • Messaging is only available for a week, encouraging people to take their conversation offline


  • You only have 24 hours to respond to likes 

  • The matching algorithm only matches based on 5 very basic criteria - age, height, distance, ethnicity, and religion

  • Not a great fit for rural areas 

TLDR: Coffee Meets Bagel might be a good fit for women who like to see the gents take initiative, as they’ll only be presented with matches who have expressed interest. However, there’s a limited selection on the app (both because they keep it that way through providing daily ‘batches’ instead of swiping, and also because the app isn’t as popular as others on the market) and we find their matching algorithm to be subpar for those seeking quality.



  • Has a fairly sophisticated matching algorithm, and offers a ‘compatibility rating’ for your matches

  • Large user base as it’s one of the oldest platforms out there

  • Most people on the app seem to be commitment ready


  • No messaging people online without a subscription - this is a big con for me!

  • Profile information is limited and they don’t give much wiggle room to show personality

TLDR: Based on your age and location, can be a solid choice - it has a decently sized user base, one of the more advanced algorithms, and it seems to attract commitment-ready singles. However, I’m not a fan of them limiting messaging without a paid subscription. Unless you’re ready to pay for the site, it’s not a great option.


Outside of the above mentioned, there are many other options available for you to explore, each with their own unique features. These are our usual go-to’s but results may vary based on location and personal preferences. The best app for you might not be the best app for the next person! 

If you’d like help in putting together a dating app profile, optimizing your current one, or need help with outreach and engagement while pursuing matches, we’d love to help you like we’ve helped countless others.

As a final note, all dating apps carry a certain degree of risk. Beware of scammers and catfishers, and always meet matches in a public setting for the first few dates. 

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