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Meet Elise: Your Dating Copilot

Updated: Jan 15

Hello there, single friends.

I’m thrilled to be writing to you here. Welcome to your dating safe space.

I’d like our first blog post to be dedicated to sharing more about myself. Hiring a dating coach can be an invitation into the most personal, vulnerable parts of yourself and I think it’s important that you know a little bit about me, my background, and why this work is so meaningful to me.

I believe wholeheartedly that who you choose as your life partner is one of the most important and impactful decisions you’ll make. The research we have available suggests that not only does a healthy, happy relationship increase your chances for professional and financial success, it may even extend our lifespans and reduce anxiety and depression. In nearly every aspect of our lives, our partners have a significant effect on our well-being (for better or for worse).

i myself spent many of my most crucial developmental years in an unhealthy relationship & saw firsthand the negative ways it influenced my decision-making.

I began to feel the life I was living was misaligned with my values, interests, and hopes for the future. I struggled to leave, scared of the alternative and choosing what was familiar and comfortable, even if it wasn’t serving me.

At 25, I ended the relationship, quit my job, moved to the city, and started a job as a matchmaker in NYC. It was time to prioritize my well-being, even if it meant being alone. Working as a matchmaker was an excellent fit for my disposition and my passion for connecting people, and I started to feel my life come back into alignment. It also gave me real, practical, hands-on experience helping people date and gave me insights as to what led to successful, happy relationships. My day to day involved problem-solving where singles were getting stuck and strategizing with them to overcome their hurdles, but equally importantly I held space for the ups and downs that come with dating. Watching my clients get into the relationship of their dreams gave me a genuine sense of personal reward, and quite frankly - I was good at it. 

While I was establishing myself as an expert in dating, I was also experiencing my own love story. This time, it was a woman who stole my heart and I knew the minute I met her she would be the last. Coming into my queer identity was its own journey (another blog post for another day) that validated everything I knew about the importance of picking the right person. I started to become the best version of myself. Life became exciting in a way it hadn’t previously.

the culmination of my personal experiences dating & my professional experiences as a matchmaker have led me to opening conscious connection.

I’ve found sincere personal reward in walking people through their unique dating journey. I have valuable expertise and knowledge on dating and relationships, and I’d love to help you apply my insights to better your life. 

So if you feel a connection to my story, are curious to learn more about my insights as a date coach, or are in need of assistance finding your forever partner, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here and available with a listening, empathetic ear and would love to be your Dating Copilot. 

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